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  • testimonialsMy name is Tynell Johnson and I have been taking Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate at Rodney Cheeseman Karate & MMA Fitness Studio since it opened in 1997. Under his instruction and leadership, I was able to earn my Jr. Black Belt at age 12, along with numerous tournament trophies and medals from across the state of Virginia. After taking a break from martial arts for 9 years, he inspired me to return to the dojo to retrain for my Black Belt. As I am training for my black belt, I am also taking A.C. Jiu-Jitsu, Judo & Muay Thai Style Striking classes to learn and improve myself in every aspect of Fitness & SELF DEFENSE even more. The program Kyoshi Cheeseman teaches has really had a positive effect on my life. It not only teaches you self defense, patience, focus and precision, but it also prepares you mentally and physically for the other aspects of life outside of the dojo. Kyoshi Cheeseman is the best well rounded instructor because he not only teaches you karate and self defense, but he takes the time to ensure that you can perform the drills successfully. I personally recommend his program for kids, parents, women, military and anyone who wants to learn a complete system of self defense and improve their Physical Health. I guarantee you will not be disappointed

  • testimonialsI personally have been attending classes at Rodney Cheeseman Karate & MMA Studio for just over two years. I first joined as a way to increase my fitness level and to learn about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Kyoshi. I not only took BJJ but also the cardio kickboxing and elite muay thai classes as well. I noticed immediately how much my personal abilities were increasing and how much more intense my focus had become in everyday activites as well as in my martial arts training. Kyoshi's approach is structured in a way that you know exactly what you need to learn before you advance to the next level.
    His personal touch and teaching style are really what drew me to train here and kept me coming back for more. He has such a boisterous personality and genuinely loves martial arts and helping people improve their own skills and lives that you can't help but feed off that energy and apply it to what you are doing. I constantly recommend training here to anyone that asks me how I stay in shape or how I always seem so calm in the face of the many situations that life may throw at you. Training here is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life and cannot express in words how much it can change your perspective on your abilities or your child's. -Lonnie T.

  • testimonialsOur son Preston was struggling with a variety of issues as a young child. He was rarely able to stay on track with daily needs and was having trouble focusing on just about everything. Shortly after I deployed in 2009, my wife brought Preston into Rodney Cheeseman Karate & MMA Fitness Studio, for a one month trial membership. Something clicked right away. Kyoshi Cheeseman has a rare gift with children, and Preston responded to it immediately. In four years he has gone from someone who regularly wore his clothes inside out or backwards to a four time National and Junior Olympic Karate Champion. We estimate that Preston has competed in 45 karate tournaments from local level all the way to the top, has never failed to place, and several times has walked away with multiple gold medals. I simply cannot describe how it feels to see the look of accomplishment in his eyes. It is so very hard to instill honest pride in a child, but that has not been a problem for a while now. We are also VERY impressed here and are completely confident that he can handle himself should the need arise. Preston recently worked his way to earning his 1st Degree Black Belt and we look forward to him continuing with Kyoshi Cheeseman for years to come.- D & D Reese

  • testimonialsHi my name is Lalita Lucas, Rodney Cheeseman Karate & MMA Fitness Studio is a great choice for invigorating and dynamic workouts for all ages. I joined 5 months ago and I can feel a major definition in my arms and abs from his fat busting Cardio Kickboxing H.I.I.T. classes. Mr. Cheeseman's studio is undoubtedly the best workout spot!
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  • testimonialsI brought my quiet, shy child to Kyoshi Cheeseman, and my son Brandon came out of his shell. We started with a two weeks course and it has turned into a THREE year program that has taken him to levels I could have never imagined. I am forever grateful to Kyoshi for all the time and dedication that he put in with my son. He is a true role model, with a heart of gold. Once your child walks through that door, they will NEVER want to leave. The impact that he has on my son, other students and parents are LIFE LONG! - Mayleka HicksAmerson

  • testimonialsMy son Darryl has been enrolled at Rodney Cheeseman Karate, Inc. for four years. With the ongoing phenomenal instruction and consistent support Kyoshi Cheeseman, my son Darryl has been transformed! He has gone from a quiet introvert to an honor student and goal oriented young person. Cheeseman's Karate has made a positive and permanent impact on my child, for which I will always be grateful. - Kelynda Sexton

  • testimonialsWhen I first started the class I initially just wanted to drop a few pounds and firm up my abs, thighs but not only have I succeeded with that but my arms and legs are toned and I have much more energy than ever. The class is fun, the instructor is awesome and I've met friends that I hope to keep for life. If you are thinking of about taking the class...just do it! You will love it! - Betty "Boop" Fluet

  • testimonialsBased on the six months of experience with my daughter taking martial arts defense training since March 2013, my husband and I have taken notice of her mannerisms towards us. Our child has become more disciplined where she is immune to referring to us by "yes ma'am and/or yes sir" without us reminding her too. We have also noticed her ability to quickly prevent herself from falling, which has avoided potential injuries during play time. Essentially, this is a result of her improving balance and which is a key component that is learned while taking karate classes. Additionally, we are impressed with how fast she has quickly learned Jiu-Jitsu techniques in the short amount of time that she has been training. Her confidence level has increased and so has mine that I firmly believe that she can defend herself, if the situation should ever arise. The quality training expertise provided by Rodney Cheeseman and his staff has been remarkable. They know exactly how to obtain a child and/or person's focus to allow each individual the opportunity to learn their best. - Tanesha & Cleon Lockett

  • testimonialsMy name is Ezra Valenzuela I am a purple belt in the Universal Self Defense Karate & MMA Fitness program. I have been taking the class now for about two years and it is one of the best choices I have made. The class has helped me improve my self confidence, it has improved my physical and mental being, as well as helped me with discipline. With this class it has also prepared me for the Army and has gave me a slight edge with the Army Combative Program. This class is the best mix of Karate, Kickboxing, and Jiu-Jitsu. I have found in the Hampton Roads area. I found this to be the best self defense class for any man or woman to take. The teaching method he uses for his classes is very thorough and explains how each step is achieved. While I have been taking class I have met some great people and made some good friends.

  • testimonialsI cannot stress enough how Awesome Rodney Cheeseman Karate & MMA studio is, but I will start with this: I started Rodney Cheeseman's Hybrid Cardio Kickboxing fitness class in May 2012. I wanted something that would give me a push to lose weight and get in shape. In May of 2012 I weighed in at 165 lbs. at 5ft 1in. which was horrible. My ultimate goal was to lose 25 lbs. I attended 3 classes a week. Tuesday night, Thursday night and Saturday morning. I changed my eating habits and made exercise a priority. At the end of my first week of attending his classes, I woke up that Sunday and literally had to roll out of bed and crawl to the bathroom! I knew right then that his fitness program was it, and that I was definitely going to continue it. 6 months later, with the help of Rodney's fitness program and motivation, along with good nutrition, I had lost a WHOPPING 50lbs! I have muscle now and I am toned and to top it off, I feel great! His workouts are AMAZING, everyone is super friendly and I never feel or felt like people were judging me. I still regularly attend his classes and they still kick butt. If you want an intense and effective workout program given by a great instructor, Rodney Cheeseman's Karate & MMA Studio is the place to go, you will not be disappointed- Kelly M. Taylor
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  • testimonialsRodney Cheeseman's Karate has been an outstanding program for my daughter Anastasia. She started at the Dojo at 6 yrs old and has greatly improved her self-confidence as an only child. Her skills as a student has been and is impressive as witnessed at her first competition at the 2013 Old School Classic U.S. Open. She placed 1st in Weapons, 2nd in Kata and 3rd in Kumite. She has only been a part of the Dojo for a little less than a year and has excelled in her training with one on one hands training and classes. Kyoshi Cheeseman's instruction and ethics for the students promotes self-discipline, self defense and self confidence rather than fighting and aggressions. I would recommend Mr. Rodney Cheeseman's Karate to any parent who wants their child/children to build their Self-Confidence, Self-Defense and Self-Discipline.- Nalani Martin

  • testimonialsI have watched my son grow from a little boy, who could not stay focused for more than 5 minutes into a young man. He is so very focused and truly enjoys all aspects of karate to include, all of the tournaments that he is able to attend and win most of them. James has had the opportunity to train with Kyoshi and learn so much and so many have not had this opportunity or did not want to take the time to learn and excel. I am very proud of my son James Person and all of his accomplishments. James Person-2013 District Regional All Star Karate Champion.- Very Respectfully, Ms. Mallory Barrows-Person.

  • testimonialsI was invited to the class by a friend and I started enjoying the class and kept right on doing it. I have firmed up some problem areas and love my new friends. If you want to join us....Just KICK ON IN!! -Corinthia "Taz" Robinson.

  • testimonialsThis is my daughter's fifth year at the Rodney Cheeseman Karate & MMA Fitness Studio and she enjoys coming to class every week. I love the atmosphere there, everyone is treated like family there. The kids are in very good hands when they are in class. The environment is not only a teaching environment for Karate but also for everyday life values and morals. The children are encouraged and admired for their work in and out of school. They also are taught how to interact among each other and how to solve their problems without violence. The sole purpose is for them to learn how to defend themselves and not be bullies. I can't say enough about Rodney Cheeseman, what I can say is there was no hesitation in m daughter wanting to continue her contract another year at Rodney Cheeseman Karate & MMA Fitness Studio. We wouldn't go anywhere else. - Rachael and Anthony Tyson

  • testimonialsMy journey with the Rodney Cheeseman Karate & MMA Studio actually began in June of 2010. My mom had been going to the cardio kickboxing class for a while and invited me to attend. I realized that at that point in my life, I needed to work on toning my body and gaining more energy, which I never seemed to have enough of at times. Though I never had a weight issue, I was not happy knowing that I did not have a desire to exercise which I know, at this stage in my life, is important when it comes to maintaining good health. Needless to say, I nearly passed out in my first class, I was in the worst shape I had ever been in my entire life! So, of course, I signed up immediately. Sheer determination to overcome has brought me back time and time again. The workouts are extremely intense, but fun at the same time. Each class provides me with a total mind and body workout. At the end of every workout I feel energized, rejuvenated, confident and strong. I can even see the definition in my arms, legs and stomach. Kyoshi Cheeseman is THE BEST instructor ever! Every time I think of giving up during any point in the class, he is right there to get me through it. He believes in all of his students and takes great pride in what he does. With every class I am challenged to do exercises that I never even knew my body would allow me to do! Three years later, feeling accomplished, I STILL love what I am doing and continue to learn more and more about my strength. I do not know what my health or figure would look like today if I had not enrolled in Kyoshi Cheeseman's Cardio Kickboxing class, but lucky for me, I don't have to wonder! - Erin L.

  • testimonialsOur child Will Charles has been attending the Dojo since September of 2011. This started as a trial basis to see if he liked mixed martial arts....and guess what, HE LOVES IT! He has now earned his orange belt and is determined to continue until he earns his Black Belt. Kyoshi Cheeseman has made a huge impact on Will's life. He has taught himself respect, behavioral discipline and good manners. Not only has he achieved behavioral and emotional rewards he has increased his physical strength and endurance. He has also improved his flexibility to the point that he can perform a full split from the standing position. WOW! We as parents are very impressed with this organization. Kyoshi Cheeseman has fantastic communication skills with the kids and the parents. He makes us all accountable for our behavior and a adults we need that sometimes. We are thankful to be a part of this and look forward to seeing Will's progress over the coming years. - Sincerely Lynn and John Charles.