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-History of Okinawan Kobayashi Shorin Ryu Karatedo-

Okinawa, Japan Mithelde of modern day Urged° and kobudo. The following is • compitanon of differed SOurCeS of information about the evolvanent of Kobayashi Sham Kw and Okinawan Kolwdo. Historians be- keve that the art of Okinawa Ye. first originated Independently ol any other combat system. 4 is also believed that this system on unarmed combat can be traced back over 1000years. Because the Islanders were of not of wealthy status. weapons were scares. AbO the iStends Own un-unifiCatiOn give rise to many aggressive war- lords, each battling for sumemmy of the Wand. AS a resole these circumstances rendered a strong incentive for the evolvement of unarmed combat.

By the mid 11409, Okinawa entered into • trade relationship with China. The trade and political friendship allowed the Okinawan people to observe thedifferent aspects of China, and were thus exposed to Chinese boxing systems. Furthermwe, by the late 13Ws, in a tributary relatmnshm 36 Chinese I similes and business¬men MIAMI On Okinawa. These armies brought with then a wirier/Of Was, including ChineSe martial ans.

Through the 14009, the viand experienced much turmoil. At first the Wand was unified by King Shot Bashi in 1429. At this time the Obnavyan's were ma able to posses weapons. However in 1470. King She Nat de stroyed the former dynasty and made due with his own. Soon all arms were banned on the island, in fear that the reign might be over thrown. As a result, the emphasis on the fighting ant further progressed. The main villages of Okinawa are credited with the main 'Mei that emerged I rom Okinawa Te. From the villageof Shun. came Shun Te. From the village of Naha, tame Naha Te. Finally f rom the ukase of Tcynari. came Tornari Te.

Beside empty hand combat, the Okinawan's also began the practice of Kobudo (weapons). Because of King Silo Hashes ban on the traditional VeC1POM (such as the samurai sword). the Okinawan's began using their everyday farming Implements as weapons. From this practice the most commonly thought of weapanS be- came known as the: Be (stelae( staff), the far (sa foot oar), the Kama (grass or cain sickle). the Tonto (utility handle), and the Nunchaku (horse hrt, and even rice flail). However because the Okinawan's never restrained the practiced surwal. It Is conceivable that these parncutar weapons might not have been the only weapons practiced. In fact the Zen Obnawan Kobudo Kernel IMatayoshi Kobudo). makes use of the Kuwa (Japanese Meth the Timbei and Rochin (Shield and dagger), as well as the Hunt% (Japanese like spear).

These stylesof unarmed and armed combat were practiced In matey for years. Deference, between Te styles suggest the different influences of various Chinese styles. Shmi-Te seem to utilize the external system of Riedel boung. While Naha.Te Incorporates the use d internal Taoist techniques. Tomari-Te appears to be a mix of both internal and external fighting systems. These variances alone, are responsible for the evolve. mint the different systems into the distinct MINI art styles they are today.

Sensei Nakazato, Minuro, loth DAN the New Head Instructor of
the Shorin Ryu Shorinkan System(May 2m2)

Sensei Nakazato, Minuro,

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